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For those living in Toronto and the GTA water damage is no joking matter at least when it comes to your home, or place of business. So for excess water drainage you need the best products, as well as experienced installers who really know what they are doing. The truth of the matter is that there are many options to choose from in regards to gutters different materials one could use, different styles and shapes. However, an old style of gutter is quickly coming back onto the scene due to its simplistic design and eye catching appeal. Copper half round gutters installed by the experts from Copper Works Canada are without a doubt your best option for gutters and drainage for your home or place of business.
Simplicity in Design
Half round gutters sound just as they appear, they are essentially a cross section of a pipe length wise basically looking like a semicircle. The half round gutter design is one of the oldest designs of gutter and drainage system known. As apposed to today's typical designs which tend to be angled or incorporate steps into the design, half round gutters are arched in order to collect all rain water, and snow run-off directing them to the down spout and away from you property. An added benefit of half round gutters is that they tend to have fewer seams which provide less opportunity for leakage in the long haul.
A Change from the Ordinary
Up until the 1950s half round gutters were the standard on most buildings. Since then however K-style gutters have become the standard on most homes. K-style gutters don't really have any added benefits over half round gutters they just are what most builders will put on a building out of habit. Things are however changing, and the reality is that the gutters on your home are highly visible and should be seen as an opportunity not only to spruce up your homes exterior but potentially add value to your home as well.
Copper the new Gold Standard
Aside from the esthetic of the design, the material you use is yet another opportunity to add your own personal style to the drainage system of your home, or place of business. When it comes to an ideal metal that is not only versatile but stylish copper is the perfect choice. Copper not only looks amazing, but also is a rust free metal that has the longest life span when compared to any other available metallic option on the market.
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